Monday, July 18, 2016

What does Canada Goose Control Cost?

    We often get calls from potential clients that would like to get quotes on the phone. What does Canada goose control cost? Unfortunately, this is not a one size fits all proposition. There are many factors that go into pricing a property for goose control with dogs.  We cannot give accurate quotes over the phone.  In order to give an accurate price, we must do a thorough survey of your property. We must see it in person to get an idea of the neighborhood, terrain, geese population, amount of people traffic, adjacent properties, size of ponds and their accessibility. Have people, residents, been feeding the birds? 

    Below I will layout a couple examples of properties and why one will cost more than the other.

    The easiest properties are those that are close in proximity and have no ponds. Think football, soccer and baseball fields. Especially if they are entirely fenced in and no danger to our dogs.  Now if that property sits next to a large body of water across the street that has nesting geese, it  becomes more challenging. But sports fields in and of themselves are about as straight forward as you can get. 

    Now let's look at a different property,  a retirement community.  Let's say that it has had resident geese nesting on it for 5 years and has a pond on two sides of its properties. Both ponds are about 3 acres in size. This becomes more challenging.  Geese like their homes. No one likes getting kicked out of their home. Same with geese.  Geese fly to water for safety.  A property with two ponds allow the geese to fly into either for safety.  For us that means chasing geese out of one pond into the other  then back out again.  The longer geese have resided on a property the more sticky they are to it. Sticky geese mean more work.  Two ponds mean more work. Hence a difference in price from our first example.

    Now let's say their is another property similar to the above but sits on a 15 acre lake. To service this property we may need a boat. The geese have more options to flee. They can go across the lake onto the grass, fly further away and land in the water or hide among the low growing grasses. 15 acres of water is a lot to cover.  This customer also want spring nest and egg depredation.  We have the experience and training to get the job done. However, it is more than likely going to cost more than both of the above properties simply because it will take more work.

    Then there are customer's expectations.  Some  clients do not want to see a goose on their property ever. Some clients are happy with a significant reduction and some only want them gone from Spring through summer.

    The combinations of customer requirements and property configurations is endless.  Our property surveys and quotes are free and come with no strings attached and no high pressure sales tactics. Goose control costs will vary on the size of your property, amount of water, the number of geese, your budget and expectations.

    If you are looking to reduce or eliminate the geese on your property, give us a call.
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