Wednesday, August 22, 2018

HOA Tips for Goose Control


Many planned, new construction communities in Illinois include open, green-space and planned water features such as retention ponds.  Community residents find these features beautiful and convenient for fishing and watching wildlife. These man made ponds also make an ideal habitat for Canada geese, who will eventually find this water to their liking and move in.  Your Home Owner's Association will need to take action sooner or later.

We are often called during construction of these communities because geese become habituated to the water accumulating in holes and ditches due to construction activities.

Canada geese choose nesting sites in March and begin to lay eggs in early spring.  Geese can be aggressive to humans and pets at this time.  From April through early August Canada  geese will raise their young and lose  their flight feathers (called molting).  Unable to fly at this time of year, they will walk, roost, eat grass, vegetation and poop a lot making a  mess of your beautiful landscaping.  Unable to fly to escape, geese will hiss and flap their wings in an attempt to intimidate people that get too close.

The huge volume of goose poop is not only messy and unsightly - it also contains diseases that pose a risk to humans and pets.  Their droppings have been found to contain E. coli, salmonella, giardia and other pathogens.

Rescue Me Goose Chasing's Certified Training by the National Wildlife Control Operator's Association and years of experience, on various properties, using humane methods, prevent geese from getting comfortable.  We provide a year round service but can  also tailor our services to meet your budget and needs.

Our Spring Service will identify and remove nests and have our trained goose dogs  and their handlers visit multiple times per day as needed to encourage the geese to find a different location to roost, nest and raise their young.  

In mid August, geese will start to fly again.  Resident geese become casual visitors to properties and may stay all day roosting and making a mess of properties with their droppings.  Our Fall Service prevents geese from visiting your property.  It also makes it that more unappealing for them as a nesting spot in the spring.


  1.  Inform all residents by email, postings or mailings that a goose control company has been hired.
  2. Caution residents that goose dogs will be on all properties herding geese when they are present.
  3. Alert residents that if they have dogs they should obey leash laws especially when goose dogs are present. If your dog is reactive, please leave the area.
  4. Safety is of the utmost importance for those providing this valuable service to your community.  Please prevent dogs from harassing or chasing working dogs and their handlers.
  5. Expect multiple visits per day as necessary by handlers and goose dogs.
  6. Ask prospective goose control companies for references.
  7. Use a Certified Goose Management company.

Please call us for more information about our experienced staff and Certified Geese Management programs can solve your HOA Canada geese problems.