Thursday, September 17, 2015

What will Canada Geese Remember Next Year About Your Property?

  It is that time of year when the morning sunrises and evening sunsets are met with flying flocks of Canada Geese honking overhead.  Ah the sights and sounds of autumn. These flocks often head to familiar places where they safely stopped the year before to graze, rest and roost for days before gaining enough energy and fuel to fly on further south.  The sight of a flock of geese on a soccer field, golf course fairway or backyard is a signal to other migrating flocks that it is safe here to land.  This is why hunters use decoys to great success.  It is a calling card to others.

   A well planned fall goose control program can stop this cycle of migrating geese landing on your property.   Our Certified Goose Management programs put predatory pressure on migrating geese.  They will learn that your property has a very live and active predator on it.  This intimidates the migrating geese to move on and find somewhere else this year and next to rest, roost and eat.  It is very effective because we do not let our dogs stop until the geese are gone.  If the geese run to the pond or lake on your property we will continue our efforts there.  Our dogs will swim after them.  
    Our swimming goose chasing dogs are a game changer!  Geese see water as a safe place to go. Typically, a fox, coyote or even a wolf will not swim after geese.  This is why they always fly to the nearest body of water for safety.  But when our dogs get in the water and start swimming after them, the heads start bobbing and they start their distress honks.  It does not take long before they are gone.  Migrating geese are also much more sensitive to a dog's pressure. 
 Local or resident geese see people walking their dogs quite often.  Most of the time on a leash.  This gives the resident geese a false sense of security.  Our dogs usually can get much closer to resident geese than migratory geese for this reason.  Most geese coming down from the Canadian tundra see predators often that have dinner on their minds.  These geese do not take chances and give predators and our dogs a wide berth.  

We can stop the cycle of migratory geese in the fall visiting your property with our Certified Techniques, our highly trained dogs (that swim), and a few proprietary methods.  We can put an end to the droppings and the mess the geese make.  If you would like to reclaim your property and improve your lawn, school yard, soccer field etc.  Give us a call.  We would be glad to help.  

Next fall, what will the geese remember about your property? Is it a safe place or not for them to stop?


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