Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Get Rid of Canada Geese From Your Property, DIY

Sparky staring the geese down in a small pond

    How to get rid of Canada geese and Do it yourself ?  If you are willing to put in the time, effort and planning is more complicated. There are a few ways you can Do It Yourself. If you are an "on the go" type family, the best answer is to hire us and we will take care of things for you while you tend to your busy life. 

    Our previous blogs have talked about establishing a predator on your property with our highly trained Australian Shepherd goose dogs.  If you are a dog owner you have a leg up on those who are not.  However, you will only be as successful as the effort you put into it.  The most important thing you must remember is that you and your dog cannot harm the geese and you cannot haze geese with goslings in the spring.  Geese are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty act of 1918.  You will want to read up on this act before you begin also.

    Any dog with a decent amount of prey drive and good obedience could probably do the job.  The best breeds are herding breeds based on their instincts.  That is why we use Australian Shepherds.  We know several goose control companies that do not use herding breeds that do quite well because they took a lot of time to train their dogs properly. That leads to the question "What do I need to train my dog to do?"

    First your dog needs to be obedient. He or she should respect you and your commands when given. Your goose dog should know the basic sit, stay, down, and come when called with distractions. By that we mean, your dog will obey you regardless of the squirrel in the tree, the rabbit on the ground or the neighbor's dog barking at him from next yard.  If your dog has these commands on him or her you are another step ahead.  Next, your dog should have a desire to chase or herd geese when he or she sees them.  If it does, you are ready to start to have some fun keeping geese off your lawn and out of your pond. If your dog has no desire to chase, you will need another dog. I am a firm believer in the saying, "You cannot put in what God left out."

   Let's use the premise that you own a two acre property. One acre of that is a pond that geese frequent, walk out of and poop on your lawn creating a mess of your shoes and your kids shoes and lawn mower.  All of you track it into the house where your significant other starts to complain about all the poop and bacteria being dragged into the home.

    To start your DIY goose control program with your dog, ensure he will stop if you need him to before he touches a goose should he get too close.  When the geese land on your lawn have your dog heel next to you as you walk out to the yard.  Let the geese see him. They will start to bob their heads and honk.  Give your dog the command you have chosen that tells him it's OK to herd or chase the geese.  We use herding directional commands. Let's assume you just say "Go boy!"  The geese that are on your lawn will more than likely run straight into your pond for safety.  This is where the fun begins.  Geese are not accustomed to a predator swimming after them. Have your dog sit at the bank and look at the geese. Sometimes this is enough to intimidate them to leave. If they stay, they will go the the side opposite your dog. Give your dog the "Go Boy!" command again. If he has the prey drive and the ability to swim he will get in the water and start swimming after the geese.
    It is important that you do not leave the geese to safely roost in the pond.  If you do, by the time you get back in the house they will be back on your lawn munching on your grass.  You must get the flock out of the pond each and every time.
   If you do this, each time the geese return there will be less of them.  The last remaining geese will be the most stubborn. Realize that each time they arrive you need to drop what you are doing, get your goose dog, and haze the geese until they leave.
    This is where most people and companies fail.  Either they chase the geese in the pond and leave them there or they do not continue the effort each time the geese show up because they are watching a movie, a football game or cutting the grass. The geese are smart and will change the times they arrive on your property so be prepared to expect the unexpected. They will stay out in the rain, the cold and even the snow if they are resident geese.  You must be as stubborn and willful as they are.  You must brave the elements with your goose dog no matter the day of week, the time of day or holiday.
    If you cannot meet the challenges above, the geese will win and you will not reclaim the beauty of your property.  This is what makes us so successful. We never let our dogs lose.  We direct our dogs each and every time no matter the day, the weather or holiday to chase the geese until they leave.  If you have the time, energy and persistence you will be successful.  If you do not, well, we Get Rid of Geese . . . FAST!  

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  2. I took a seminar a few months ago on Canada Geese management. My understanding is that geese do not stay scared off by decoys, whether their swans, coyotes or alligators. They might be wary and avoid them for a while, but they soon realize that it isn't actually a threat.

    If you're talking about geese in the US during the summer*, when they would normally be up in Canada, it's even tougher. Those geese usually have flightless goslings to protect, and don't get scared off easily by anything, then they molt and can't fly away even if they wanted to. Once the goslings are born, you're generally stuck with the geese for a few months, no matter how many decoys or lasers or border collies you use to chase them away.

  3. Артур Ефремов what you state above about decoys is correct. That is why we recommend the use of dogs in this blog to create a predatory presence on properties. This is what our company does very well. The use of Goose Dogs is very effective and long lasting. The properties we service with our dogs in the spring have no geese or goslings in the summer because they have been scared off before they had the chance to nest.